The history of our company goes back to World War II. At the time five skippers from Uithoorn decided to combine their strengths in the NV Uithoornse Combinatie van Beurtschippers. After the war, in the years of recovery of the economy and the country, the Uithoornse Combinatie grew to a transport company with ships and trucks.

In 1966 Martin Kuiper Sr. Joined the company. In 1977 he became the director and owner of the Uithoornse Combinatie BV. The logo and name were then updated and have become a well known company name and have never been changed since.

Versatile activities such as hanging garments transport, container transport, cooled transport , the transport of flowers and plants and transport of airfreight over the road, laid the core of the current UC Transports.

In cooperation with DAF and van ECK a special refrigerated trailer was developed within the required measurements.  To be better able to service the shippers on their needs another combination was developed with a conveyor belt through which the cooling capacity was improved. Another concept was developed through which five airplane plates could be loaded. Within Europe this was the first type that was developed within this concept.

UC was clearly responding to the needs and wishes of the customers.

In 1993 the company relocated from Uithoorn to the western harbour area in Amsterdam. This was also the time where the second generation Kuiper (Martin Kuiper Jr.) joined the company.